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The outside world doesn’t know what we know.

Most people drive past us on Franklin Road, catching a glimpse of our 5th and 12th holes and think – another Brentwood golf course development.

But we know better... there's a history here.

We know that this land is hallowed ground, a historic stopping point midway between Franklin and Nashville. The acreage has exhibited hospitality for centuries by offering travelers a respite and water for their horses.

Today, we know the magic of putting down the first footprints in the cool morning dew of these fairways and greens, the sound of sprinklers, and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

We have played beneath the grand Oak canopies that were here before the Revolutionary War.

We hear the chirp of cocktail chatter, and the laughter of children, as we admire the beauty of the hills of middle Tennessee that surround our 1840’s midway as the summer sun slips away.

We know that we didn’t merely join this club…we belong here.

We are families. And we are a family together.

A place our children will always remember.

A collection of friends we will never forget.

Brentwood Country Club is private, yes, but it is not exclusive, or secretive.

And we have joined for the right reasons, social sanctuary, not prestige.

Experiences that add value to busy lives, and offer value in other unexpected ways.

Flavors and moments that only happen among people who genuinely like each other. Moments that seem to happen more often here than anywhere else we know.

No, the outside world doesn’t know what we know. And they won’t. Until they join us…